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Social Content

  • Paid social media campaigns – Each month, we will strategically place sponsored Facebook and Instagram ads. We will work with you to identify your target market and place ads accordingly to maximize your budget. To ensure the success of your ads, we check their performance often and adjust to create optimal performance. Sponsored ads will be placed on Facebook and Instagram.


Blogs & Communication with Website Host for SEO

  • Monthly Blog Content – Long content will be a hybrid of timely information directly from the school, and industry information geared toward motivating readers to choose Wolf Creek Online High School. All blogs will be linked to your website to optometry SEO and best practices to ensure traction – This is how we get “free” SEO!


Seasonal Support

  • We will provide for you, two turn-key seasonal campaigns – There is seasonality to every organization, we will work to define your most effective two seasons and target those specifically with a slightly more increased presence. We will work with your team to create the campaign and coach on implementation for the best results. 


Graphic Design

  • Graphic design – When placing print and visual ads, graphic design is an added option to keep everything in-house with our services. This keeps your imagery consistent and branding identifiable.

Monthly Marketing Call

  • Constructive creation with your team! – Our monthly marketing calls will serve to check in on progress, share metrics and also learn about the new and up and coming things within your organization. In this time, Twin River Design will also share best practices for local, community reach based on current opportunities. This is an opportunity to understand your organizations needs, evaluate success and work to improve areas for maximum results.

Innovative Solutions for:

  • B2B and B2C Marketing 

  • Digital and Social Media Marketing

    • We collaborate with you on your desired call to action and create a beautifully well rounded campaign with sense of urgency. For most industries we can even generate a lead list for you to nurture.

  • Coaching with purpose. Unlike many marketing firms, our suite of solutions includes coaching.  We listen, analyze and strategically implement actions that render results. During that process we critique campaigns daily to ensure highest ROI and lowest output!​

Team Development

Developing leaders, refining teams and defining branding has been at the core of our work since the beginning. Here are the specific ways our development programs can help your organization.


  • Develop a tailored competency model that defines the specific behaviors, skills, and competencies expected of leaders and managers at each level of your organization.

  • Help you apply the framework to your leadership development program, assuring your leaders get the best combination of on-the-job learning, coaching and feedback, and training.

  • Assess what your organization is currently doing to identify the areas of greatest need. From there, we help you implement specific, measurable improvements in all facets of your business, from marketing to team.

  • Develop and administer 360 surveys for your managers and leaders and provide high-quality, in-depth analyses of their strengths and blind spots.

  • Help leaders within your organization create and implement individual leadership development plans.

  • Help you develop an internal mentoring program.

  • Conduct employee engagement surveys – and provide in-depth analyses and reports.

  • Provide leadership coaching to your senior level and emerging leaders.

  • Offer keynote and round-table facilitation as well as large group sessions and workshops

  • Analyze your succession needs and develop a succession plan that assures your continued success.

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